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Holistic Healing

What is Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing includes taking into consideration the Mind, Body and  Soul/Energy of the person when it comes to health and healing dis-ease.  Its a fine balance of keeping all three areas in a state of ease. 

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Thoughts are energy.  If you think negative thoughts, you create a negative reality. Thoughts are like a magnet, you attract what you think. If you hold on to anger, rage and hate you fester an imbalance of energy.  Healing of negative emotions is a process that involves forgiveness, love and faith.


Taking care of your body with the Three I's:  Ingest, Inject and Inhale.  Eat whole foods and foods rich in life force like raw veggies and fruits.  Ingest only clean water. Avoid eating processed foods, limit the ingestion of chemicals, fast food and foods with a long shelf life. Don't inject anything into your body such as vaccines, drugs or other chemicals.  Don't inhale anything but clean air and avoid inhaling chemicals in cigarettes, pipes and cigars.  

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We are spiritual (energy) Beings having a physical experience.  We encase a spark of Divine Energy in our physical bodies.  A soul that never dies, that is eternal.  Only our physical body dies and we return to our real Home in the higher dimensions.  When you realize that we are made of energy, be aware of negative energies that can effect us and can cause harm like EMF, cell phones, internet, etc.

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