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WOW! Thank You! How to Find Me:

I have had an overwhelming response of support. There is no way I can respond to all the questions and comments that I have received as they are in the thousands! This shows me that the masses are hungry for the truth in healing and Big Tech is playing "Whack A Mole" trying to whack all those speaking the truth and exposing their lies. Eventually, they will become overcome and the Dam of Censorship will bust. May their Karma come swiftly. Always remember, God see's everything and Karma is real.

Facebook has been removing my posts and temporarily disabling my pages, at times for 30 days. I will be eventually be moving everything here to my website. I am not a tech person and need to figure out how to do videos, embed, transfer, etc.

My personal facebook pages are Cassandra Dunn, Cassandra S. Dunn and pages include "Purple Lion Apothecary" and "Cassandra S. Dunn". My facebook group "Covid Vaccine Experiencers" has been disabled permanently. Almost 10k in the group in 6 weeks was a threat to the narrative that the Covid "vaccine" is safe and effective. I have requested a review from facebook to reconsider their action and reinstate the group.

My YouTube channel is "Purple Lion Project". YouTube is also censoring me and has not only removed some videos but disabled comments.

My email is

I proclaim in writing, to the Akashic Record and Universe: I DO NOT CONSENT to this depopulation agenda. I DO NOT CONSENT to the poisoning of humanity via air, water, food, pharma and skies. I DO NOT CONSENT to forced medical procedures. I DEMAND truth and accountability from those perpetrating these crimes against humanity. I DEMAND that the suppressed healing technologies be brought forth for all of humanity without cost. I DEMAND the hidden patents for cures of all disease be released. I DEMAND that all of humanity be provided clean water and healthy non-GMO foods. I DEMAND humanity know the truth in our existence and our history. I DEMAND Full Disclosure.

God bless, stay safe, question everything and do not vaccinate. - Cassandra Dunn, RN, BS, Healthcare Surveyor/Medical Investigator, Holistic Healing Guide, Being of Divine Light (we are all Beings of Divine Light)

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